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Book Girls

Poster for an exhibit about female book designers.


The final project for my first year at CalArts was to create a poster for an imaginary museum exhibition at the UCLA Hammer. My classmates and I could choose between an exhibit about books, chairs, the human figure and still life. I chose books.

After doing some research about book design, I made 30 quick sketches of potential poster designs. My favorite discovery when researching:

Screenshot of bookmaking video

This gave me a bit of fame on Speak Up.

From the sketches, I liked two concepts, but eventually settled on the latter: (1) a bookmaker undertaking technical processes and (2) miniature people making a large book, relating to aspects of teamwork, collaboration and hardship in bookmaking.

Given the popularity at the time of designers like Irma Boom, I thought a relevant and interesting exhibition would be focused on women designers. I titled the show “Book Girls,” and took pictures of friends for the poster.

The photo shoot

After a few rounds of revisions, my poster was complete. I aimed for the final product to be something that was simple and easily read at a glance, but upon closer look, contained interesting and relevant elements.



Year: 2007

Size: 24″ x 36″

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Close up

Close up.