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Do It Later

A day calendar for procrastinators.


A common theme for desk calendars is to offer a one-a-day reason to do something greater. Quotes from famous people are often given to motivate the reader to do work. When assigned to make a calendar as a brief project in my type class at CalArts, I thought it would be fun to create a calendar about finding reason to not do work: a procrastinator’s calendar.

Procrastinators commonly think that by not starting a task immediately they will somehow be led to a greater outcome when that task is accomplished. For example, a student who is procrastinating might think, “If I go to the beach today, I’ll write a better paper tomorrow.” Or maybe they have faith that they work better when rushed at the last moment. Whatever the rationale, procrastinators give themselves a logical reason to why it’s a good thing they’re not doing what needs to be done.

I thought of 30 different reasons why a procrastinator might delay their work, then through composition and layout added connotative meaning to give each phrase greater meaning.

To help drive the sarcastic joke home, I created a sincere feeling layout. Serif, traditional type placed into a tight grid gives readers a serious expectation, but upon reading the content enjoy the unexpected twist.



Year: 2008

Size: 6″ x 6″

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You've already done enough this week

The fifth of January.

You work better at the last minute

The third of January.

If anything is worth doing, it has been done already

The sixth of January.