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Fog of War

Movie poster for Errol Morris documentary.


In 2004, Errol Morris directed The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert McNamara. The documentary was an interview with Robert McNamara, the Secretary of Defense under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. Seen at his nomination as an intelligent, rational policy maker, McNamara became known by many as a war monger during the Vietnam War.

My poster—an assignment at CalArts—highlights what I believe to be the most striking aspect of McNamara's viewpoint: war is a cold, calculated game of chance. In the movie, McNamara describes horrific events—such as the US fire-bombing of Japan that lead to 100,000 deaths in a single night—through a statistical lens, void of human and moral issues. And so, I designed my poster with photographs of F-16 models flying through a field of numbers, graph paper, fractions and probability symbols to a set of targets with marked percentages and a large, but subtle dart board. The typeface for the title also was chosen to emphasize the McNamara’s mathematical approach to war.



Year: 2009

Size: 27″ x 41″

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