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Advice on living with less amidst the global recession.


Reinvented is a magazine about living with less.

I created it as a response to the global recession and the need to live a more modest life.

Articles within the magazine are focused on finding simple, practical solutions to necessary living conditions. For example, articles topics include how to stay cool without air conditioning and tips to raising a child while being unemployed. The feature story of this sample issue focuses on how to make the best of living in a tent city, a prominent symbol of the recession in the United States.

The magazine is printed over the financial newspapers The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times to embody the spirit of reusing old materials and also as a symbol of presenting ideas that lie contrary to the excess waste those publications celebrate. On some pages, the original content of the newspapers is modified or altered to convey the new message of the material.



Year: 2009

Size: 8″ x 10.75″

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Spread 1 from Reinvented Magazine

Opening Spread: The front page of the Wall Street Journal is altered to express the content of the magazine. It's iconic "What's News" summary of major business headlines is modified to instead be the magazine's table of contents. A large photograph of Richard Wagoner, the former CEO of General Motors that was ousted as a result of the recession's impact on car sales, looms above.

Spread 2 from Reinvented Magazine

Centerfold: The centerfold is expressed in a visual language that ties itself to the cover and the content of the feature story. Rising tents expressed in a bar graph-like sense over an 'f' (the first letter in the story) lay the groundwork for the feature story and draw the viewer's eye to the opening paragraph.

Spread 3 from Reinvented Magazine

Continued Spread: Original infographics about stock prices and financial news are altered to now provide additional information for articles about living a more modest life.