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Up & Running

Website for running speciality store in Cupertino, CA.


When 2007 Portland Marathon winner Carlos Siqueiros opened his own running speciality store in Cupertino, CA, he asked me to design the website. The great challenge for developing the site was to convey the store’s major aspects in a web presence: friendliness and expertise.

I sketched out a few ideas and pitched three completely different mockups to Carlos. The overwhelming favorite among the new, all-star staff at Up & Running was my idea to have a salesperson greet and guide you through the website—with plenty of jokes along the way—as would be done in the actual store.

I supplemented the idea with bright colors, large headlines and easy-to-read to pages that visually expressed the friendly, outgoing personality that many Up & Running employees have.

The store is also a hangout spot for running enthusiasts and a place to discover what’s going on in the running community. So, I expressed that kind of expertise online through subtle copy; a Newsletter and Blog system for Carlos to give the community news and updates; and a Resources section, which had maps and directions to great running trails, links to new and useful running websites and listings for dozens of local running clubs. These features gave visitors an impression of the kind of expertise they might get at the store.

The staff’s friendliness and expertise is also shown in their ability to cater towards those with special needs. Whether it’s merely an abnormal foot shape or a customer that has endured numerous surgeries, the staff at Up & Running have such a great ability to find proper footwear that some doctors refer their patients to the store. To display that aspect online, I included a short accessibility guide and built the entire site with an elastic layout, to be helpful to those with visual impairments.



Year: 2008

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A page from the Resources section

A page from the Resources section.